The Taliban’s sense of revenge and efforts to overthrow the former military




The Taliban seized political power in Afghanistan 146 days ago. Although the leadership of the Taliban-led government believes that they have taken military power by force of arms, and now it is time for the group to establish a fully Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the reality behind the scene tells a different story. Some Afghan insiders who have been reviewing the country’s critical issues for years believe that the Taliban have seized power based on a political understanding between the former regime’s leadership. The group is now trying to quell its panic by destroying the former regime’s military—stand firm among the people of Afghanistan.


Although the head of the Islamic Emirate, Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, has called on the group’s fighters to abide by the emirate’s amnesty decree and to seek revenge against the former military, in recent weeks, contrary to the Islamic Emirate’s commitment, several former military The group’s forces have been arrested and transferred to unknown locations; It is now believed that the arbitrary actions of Taliban fighters in the country will increase the sense of revenge against this group. It is thought that the continuation of this situation will lead to the collapse of the Taliban regime and provoke retaliatory movements of opponents of the Taliban regime more than before.


The Islamic Emirate’s apparent retaliation against people who have held military or civilian positions in the previous regime has sounded the alarm for the Taliban, said Anas Haqqani, a senior Haqqani cleric at a ceremony. It will bring down the Taliban regime. He called on all Taliban fighters to give their lives in Afghanistan a chance instead of seeking revenge.


Several former soldiers are now warning that they will take action soon. The militants emphasize that, given the Taliban’s commitment, the group’s fighters are now turning a blind eye to arresting or killing a number of their fellow trainees. In an interview with some foreign media outlets, the military stressed that the time would come to reimburse the Taliban fighters soon and that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate should know that this situation can never stop them. The former military believes that guerrilla attacks on the group will increase if this situation continues and the Taliban do more to seek revenge.