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Welcome to Sighttimes, a beacon of unbiased journalism and a platform for authentic news.

At its core, Sighttimes is a free, independent, and non-political news website. Our mission is to bring you a medley of news, including reports, exclusive interviews, features, economic updates, sports, health insights, psychology discussions, and various other educational segments.

Our institution was born out of the vision of Shershah Nawabi, a war correspondent with a vast experience of 15 years, and Anis Rahman Shinwari, a dedicated journalist serving in southern Afghanistan for over 16 years. Having collaborated with multiple media outlets, they bring a rich tapestry of experiences to Sighttimes. Given the precarious security scenario in Afghanistan, the identities of other team members remain confidential. However, we take immense pride in sharing that each member is a distinguished graduate from prominent Journalism faculties, both governmental and private.

Our commitment is not just to report but to uphold the highest standards of journalism. We believe in balance, accuracy, justice, and neutrality. Our platform aims to mirror both the positive and negative aspects of Afghanistan, offering our audience a transparent view and leaving the interpretation to you.

Our digital edge is not limited to textual updates; Sighttimes is also a hub for video reporting, making it a comprehensive multimedia website. Our approach remains impartial as we chronicle global events, aiming to serve as the vigilant eyes and ears for our audience.

We are more than just a news website; we operate 24/7 across platforms and social networks, striving to unveil untold stories. We believe in change, whether positive or negative, and actively seek stories that have transformative potential.

Our readers resonate with our values, applauding our commitment to being non-political and unbiased. We consistently aim to bring events to life, ensuring you receive first-hand and reliable information.

Our global focus means we highlight significant events across the world, ensuring our audience is always abreast of current happenings, thereby cementing our credibility.

We’re proud of our global network. Partnerships extend throughout Afghanistan, the region, and the world, with our correspondents consistently delivering unbiased news.

Available in Persian, Pashto, and English, Sighttimes thrives in a trilingual online environment. Connect with us at www.sighttimes.com.

Though our base lies outside Afghanistan, publishing responsibilities are undertaken by “Follad Ahangaran.” Engage with us on our social channels for regular updates.

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