About us:

“Sighttimes” is a free, independent, impartial, and non-political news website that provides various information products of news, reports, special interviews, features, economic and sports news, health and psychology, and other informative items. It presents unbiased and reliable information to its audience.

The media operates impartially and seeks to institutionalize journalistic missions in Afghanistan and worldwide. The working group of this digital media is based on the values of balance, accuracy, justice, and neutrality. The Sighttimes tries to open the window of positive and negative realities of Afghanistan to you by using the digital invisibility space and leaving the judgment to you.

In addition to covering essential events in Afghanistan and the world in the context of the text, this news site tries to provide video reports of events to its dear audience and acts as a multimedia website.
Covering the events in Afghanistan and the world, Sighttimes tries to act impartially, and by publishing objective facts, it tries to be the eyes and ears of people who have suffered for a long time.

This media operates continuously and 24 hours a day on websites and social networks. Our goal is to tell untold facts. We are looking for things that will transform your life in a positive and negative dimension.
Most of our audiences like our news site because it is non-political and biased, and they follow this site due to its first-hand information; We try to describe the events from the scene with full impartiality to you and remain trustworthy.

We focus more on what is newsworthy in the region and the world so that our audience has first-hand information and the credibility of this news site is further enhanced.

We have partners in Afghanistan, the region, and the world who work with us in the field of information. Our correspondents in other countries strive to convey information to their audiences impartially and impartially.

The Times website is available in Persian, Pashto, and English and also operates in three languages in the online section. You can find the Times website at (www.sighttimes.com), the web page that connects us to you.

The base is located outside Afghanistan, and its publishing responsibilities are carried out by “Follad Ahangaran.” You can visit our social networks and be with us for more information.