Islamic Emirate: Girls’ schools will reopen in the upcoming spring




As criticism of the Islamic Emirate closing schools has risen, some officials have now announced that the government has decided to reopen all girls’ schools in the country in the upcoming spring. It has been at least four months since the Taliban closed the gates of girls’ schools; in addition, the country’s universities have been temporarily closed by the Taliban government. This approach of the Taliban has provoked strong reactions from citizens, especially women. Meanwhile, dozens of women have staged demonstrations against the Taliban’s hostile action, calling on the group to adhere to women’s rights.


In the latest case, Zabiullah Mujahid, deputy minister of information and culture and spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said they hoped to open all girls’ schools across the country during the month of Hamal (New Year). In an interview with the Associated Press, Mr. Mujahid raised this issue yesterday (Saturday, January 16). Except for a few provinces, schools are open only to girls in grades one through six. Mr. Mujahid says that the education departments of the Islamic Emirate are looking to open classes for girls and women in the new solar year.


According to him, girls and boys should be separated in the classes. He said the most significant problem was the lack of an acceptable dorm for girls to live in. “We are not against education,” Mujahid said. Mujahid said that having separate classrooms for boys and girls was not enough in densely populated areas and that school building needed to be separated. The reopening of schools and the recognition of girls’ right to education has been one of the severe demands of the international community from the Islamic Emirate. In addition, it is believed that the world will never recognize the Taliban if they do not live up to their commitments to women’s rights and human rights.


Currently, the Taliban have imposed restrictions on women’s activities in Afghanistan. The ruling government has decided to create new procedures for women’s activities in Afghanistan, after which they will allow women to work. Closure of schools and universities, restrictions on women’s travel have been one of the most significant cases in which the Taliban have imposed excessive restrictions on women in recent weeks, with several women rights activists in Afghanistan claiming that the Taliban imposing restrictions on women, and trying to block women’s activities.