Women protest for the release of Faizullah Jalal against Taliban in Kabul




The Taliban reportedly ousted Kabul University professor Faizullah Jalal from his home the day before. They did not provide details about his fate. Still, in the latest case, several women in support of Kabul University professor Faizullah Jalal, detained by the Taliban yesterday, marched and demanded his release.


Today, Sunday, 19 women protesters chanted slogans such as “The voice of Master Jalal is the voice of the people” and demanded the release of this university professor and political scientist. Protesters have called the arrest of Faizullah Jalal illegal and stifling the voice of freedom of expression, saying, “Do not detain or torture anyone for telling the truth.”


Amnesty International also demanded his unconditional release yesterday after the Taliban arrested Faizullah Jalal. Faizullah Jalal, a law professor at Kabul University, sharply criticized the Taliban during a live TOLOnews discussion in Kabul on Saturday, July 20, with Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar.


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that Faizullah Jalal was a “fanatical man” after widespread protests against the university’s suspension, saying he had been arrested for commenting on some of his criticisms and posts social media.


Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Taliban arrested Mr. Jalal for making false statements on a Twitter account created in his name. Earlier, Faizullah Jalal had sharply criticized the Taliban in a televised address. Mr. Jalal had a verbal argument with a Taliban spokesman during the televised meeting. Several Mr. Jalal’s relatives now believe that the Taliban arrested him for his past actions.


On the other hand, the arrest of Faizullah Jalal by the Taliban in Kabul has drawn sharp criticism. A number of social media users have launched a massive campaign calling for the release of Professor Jalal, but so far the Taliban have not said anything about the release of the professor.