Will the fragile economic and political situation in Afghanistan end?





After the Taliban returned to political power in Afghanistan, the political and economic situation in the country is believed to have worsened. Although there are speculations that former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country to return to the Taliban more powerfully, senior officials of the Taliban Islamic Emirate have stated in special interviews with various media outlets that the group has seized political power. They have reached a political agreement with the United States.



The Taliban’s apparent return to political power has led the group to believe that it has complete control of Afghanistan more than ever. It is now said that the Taliban are seeking to monopolize power over group members, which has faced severe criticism from the international community and its citizens. The Taliban have reportedly repeatedly said that by not dominating the country’s political power, the group is not ready to form an inclusive government.



Several political activists now believe that the Taliban have a good chance of ending Afghanistan’s more than four decades of war by forming an inclusive government with all parties in the country. But the Taliban are believed to never want peace for those who have fought the group for the past two decades and fought the Taliban. There are also reports that the Taliban are killing former soldiers and relatives of politicians in other provinces of Afghanistan by arresting them.



While Afghanistan is likely to enter a full-blown civil war next spring, the Taliban are now being called upon to form an inclusive regime in Afghanistan and hold elections. Although the group has now announced a caretaker government and insists it will soon start an inclusive government, it has been emphasized that the Taliban are reluctant to involve all parties, especially women, in governing Afghanistan. In addition to losing opportunities, this has prevented the Taliban regime from being recognized by the world.



In the latest case, several former diplomats emphasize that the Taliban have a good chance of surviving their regime if the group abandons the political monopoly in Afghanistan and is ready to transfer power peacefully. Afghanistan will once again witness growth and development. The experts also warn that if the Taliban insist on political monopoly, the situation in the country will worsen next spring, and the group may lose some of Afghanistan’s geography.