Washington’s efforts to evacuate dozens of American citizens from Afghanistan




The evacuation of Afghan and American citizens is expected to resume this week by Washington. It is now believed that in the new evacuation process from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan and American citizens stranded in the country will be relocated first to Qatar and then to their leading destination. In the latest case, the State Department said Washington was working to help dozens of American citizens and their families from Afghanistan.


The United States is currently working with dozens of American citizens and their families who have declared themselves ready to leave and have the necessary travel documents. Reuters reported on Tuesday, quoting State Department spokesman Ned Price. The report does not provide further details on the plan to evacuate US citizens from Afghanistan. Dozens of American citizens are believed to remain in Afghanistan.


Also, a significant number of Afghans eligible to immigrate to the United States have not yet been able to leave Afghanistan. Evacuation flights from Kabul were stopped some time ago. The Taliban’s opposition has reportedly halted the flights. The Biden administration is under pressure not to make serious efforts to evacuate eligible American and Afghan citizens.


After the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the US government began an emergency evacuation process that lasted for 17 days. The Biden government has since expelled many Afghans from Afghanistan under the “Welcome to Allies” program. Dozens of Afghan nationals are currently held in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in US camps. The US government has taken no action on the refugee cases.


Afghan citizens currently stationed at US military bases in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are urging Washington to act on their cases as soon as possible and save them from disaster.