Unprecedented terror and increase in targeted assassinations in Afghanistan




While the world insists on respecting all segments of Afghanistan, in the last five months or so that the Taliban have gained political power in Afghanistan, there has always been violence and human rights abuses. From beating women to detaining former soldiers and even accusing the Taliban of imprisoning and killing former soldiers, there are seemingly gaps between the Islamic Emirate and the citizen. It has increased Afghanistan even more. At the same time, the Taliban denies the allegations.



In the most recent case, a guard of a former member of the House of Representatives was abducted in Balkh a few days ago, and his body was received the day before. The family of the guard’s member of parliament claims that Taliban Islamic Emirate forces recently detained him and that he was tortured in the worst possible way by the Taliban Islamic Emirate. In addition, the victim’s relatives emphasize that the Taliban had pulled out the eyes of this guard of the parliament in addition to beating him. A case that shows the height of horror.



In addition, the Taliban arrested Faizullah Jalal, a professor at Kabul University, a few days ago, and his health condition is still unknown. have been. But some of Jalal’s relatives say he has been detained and tortured by the Taliban in the worst possible way. At the same time, Ahmad Saeedi, a writer and political activist, claims that the Taliban inflict the worst torture on those who shout against the group and are subject to the most severe psychological torture possible.



With the rise of such cases in Afghanistan, several civil and political activists are now calling on human rights organizations, especially the United Nations, to never put more pressure on the Taliban to continue their violence. These activists emphasize that the Islamic Emirate is currently trying to maintain its position in society by increasing psychological pressure on political, civil, human rights activists and journalists. In addition, the Taliban are said to be trying to protect their rule by exerting pressure on various segments of society.



Now some citizens of the country are warning that if such a situation continues, the Taliban will pave the way for the brain drain from Afghanistan and the fall of their regime. These citizens emphasize that if the current government of the Islamic Emirate wants to maintain its political power in the country, this group must stop violence and intimidation of citizens as much as possible. Instead of potentially threatening citizens, the Taliban need to face challenges. The economic and social existence of citizens to focus more than before.