Ukraine receives anti-aircraft missiles from three countries.




While tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen to unprecedented levels in recent weeks, and international relations experts believe that a military confrontation between the two countries is possible at any moment, some foreign media have now reported Three European countries have pledged to provide Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to defend Ukraine’s geography, which could escalate tensions between the two countries.


According to foreign media, Estonia, Lithuania, and Lithuania have stated that they will help Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in case of a possible Russian attack. The media claimed that the three countries said in a joint statement on Friday that the Baltic states had decided to respond to Ukraine’s needs and provide additional defense assistance to Russia due to increasing Russian military pressure in and around Ukraine.


The joint statement also said that the aid would strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory and population against a possible Russian invasion. It is reported that about 100,000 Russian troops are stationed near the Ukrainian border. In 2014, the Russian government annexed the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine to Russia. The increase in Russian forces around Ukraine has provoked many reactions. NATO calls Russia a provocative move and stresses that the continuation of this situation is intolerable for the alliance.


On the other hand, the EU member states have stated that with the increase of Moscow’s military movements in the border areas with Ukraine, the country is fully prepared for the invasion of Ukraine. European politicians have called on member states to respond to a potential threat posed by the Russians. Meanwhile, some military experts in Europe believe that Ukraine should now face Moscow more. European countries need to provide military assistance to Ukraine to strengthen this capability.