The US is providing 474 million dollars in aid to Afghanistan


While all of Afghanistan’s assets have been frozen in US and European banks, US officials have announced 474 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the latest case. According to reports, Thomas West, the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan, has announced that his country will provide 474 million dollars aid and one million doses of corona vaccine to Afghanistan.

The aid comes when Afghanistan is on the brink of economic collapse and a humanitarian crisis. Although US officials have said the assistance is humanitarian, the IEA urges the United States to unconditionally release Afghanistan’s frozen money.

In the most recent case, Thomas West tweeted that the money and vaccine had been added to US humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. According to him, one million doses of the corona vaccine are delivered through Humanitarian assistance, bringing the number of US-assisted vaccines to Afghanistan to 4.3 million doses. He stressed that the United States stands with the people of Afghanistan.

It is expected that these aids will be provided to the people from the addresses of international organizations operating in the country. In contrast, the country’s citizens ask the United States to pay more attention to ensuring the transparency of these aids. New US aid to the Afghan people is being announced when some of the country’s citizens do not even have the money to buy raw materials.

However, one day ago, Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar said that the US-blocked assets in Afghanistan were not the personal assets of former President Ashraf Ghani and should be released. Abdul Ghani Baradar raised the issue (Tuesday, December 15) at a meeting in Kabul with industry owners. He says Afghanistan’s frozen assets are the property of the Afghan people.

Mullah Baradar warns that the adverse effects of increasing economic challenges in Afghanistan will affect other countries worldwide. Mullah Baradar said: “The United States is entangled because it left Afghanistan, and those here and have been allies of the United States want to have problems in our economy. Was the money they froze was an asset of the Afghanistan people or Ashraf Ghani? Why the world and the United States does not say that this money belongs to the people of Afghanistan; this money does not belong to government officials, the economic problems are increasing day by day, the country that has economic problems, its damage does not only reach that country, it also reaches other countries, our only request is that “Americans and the world must treat the people and government of Afghanistan in a good manner.”

On the other hand, the White House says that there is no plan to free Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves, but Washington is looking for a way to help the Afghan people. The White House cites some of why the country’s currency has been frozen.

“These funds are in the financial institutions of the United States and several other countries; there are various reasons for the freezing of these assets. One of them is the lawsuit of the victims of 9/11,” said White House spokesman John Saki the Taliban, on the other hand, are on the US list of international terrorist groups, and a number of their officials are under sanctions under UN Security Council Resolution 1988 when central institutions and banks decide to transfer money. That fact must be taken into account. ”

Concerns are that the Afghan people are paying the price for the current situation and falling victim to the government’s policies and the world. Now that the dollar has risen against the Afghani, Afghanistan’s economic challenges are far more significant than ever. People are buying a loaf of bread for 20 Afghans, which economists believe could continue—causing increased hunger and famine in the country.