The United States has appointed a special envoy to assist Afghan women




Following the recently increasing Afghan women’s scandal, the Americans have appointed a special envoy for Afghan women and girls. The move appears to have been carried out to meet the Taliban’s commitments to women and praised by human rights activists and women in the country following the quick US withdrawal that ended in August. This move will cause new challenges in recognizing the Taliban by the world. If the Taliban’s commitments to Afghan women and girls are not fulfilled, the process of identifying the Taliban will be challenging.


In the most recent case, the Taliban issued a letter declaring that women could no longer travel more than 45 kilometers alone, which angered human rights groups and the Taliban’s action by reputable human rights organizations. In the country where women were imprisoned, the State Department now appointed a special envoy and a senior adviser to assist Afghan women and girls and human rights issues. The move comes after dozens of women’s rights activists staged mass protests recently, demanding unconditional freedom for women.


Reina Amiri, a senior US State Department diplomat, has been appointed US Special Representative for Afghanistan’s Women and Girls and Human Rights. Stephanie Foster, another ministry diplomat, has been named senior adviser on the resettlement of Afghan women and girls. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the United States is working for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Amiri says she will work in human rights, fundamental freedoms for women, girls, and others at risk.


“We want a peaceful, stable, and secure Afghanistan in which all Afghans live and thrive in the political, economic, and social spheres,” said Blinken. Special Envoy Reina Amiri will work closely with me to achieve this goal. ” Amiri has served in the Obama administration as the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has also served for some time as a member of the political team of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan.


The United States decided when the Taliban worked harder than ever to impose new restrictions on Afghan women. In the latest move, a ban on women traveling without a mahram was a significant issue that angered human rights and women’s rights activists. Human Rights Watch described the Taliban’s move as inhumane.