The country’s blind athlete won third place in a swimming competition in London


But Mohammad Nouri, the country’s blind athlete, best known in the shower, made Afghanistan proud, not in the rain but swimming. Nouri managed to run 50 meters in 59 seconds in the swimming competition, which was held in London with the participation of 100 disabled athletes, and won third place in this competition.

However, Nouri became the first blind athlete in the country to win a medal in a swimming competition. But Mohammad Nouri, an Afghan athlete, lost his sight ten years ago in a landmine explosion in Helmand. In addition to winning the third-place medal, the athlete also won another honorary award for being able to participate in these competitions as a blind person.

This blind athlete of the country wins a medal in swimming competitions while he has already won first place several times in shower competitions among healthy athletes. Nouri says that disability is not a disability, but disability has made him work harder and make Afghanistan proud.

The report comes as most of the Afghan athletes who have won international honors for their country have fled Afghanistan due to the re-emergence of the Taliban or are living in refugee camps abroad.
However, reports indicate that Abdul Azim Badakhshi, another Afghan freestyle wrestler, defeated his Brazilian rival in the Indian freestyle wrestling last night and recorded a new victory in his record. Most Afghan medalists call on the new Taliban government to provide them with sports facilities.


These athletes emphasize that their goal is to raise the Afghan flag, and they are ready to make any sacrifice to please the citizens of this country.