The arrest of family members of Ukrainian plane victims in Iran




The Association of the Families of the Victims of the Flight of the 752 Ukrainian Flight announced the arrest of three members of these families coinciding with the second anniversary of the crash in Iran. , There have been.


Sources also report recording these people’s mobile phones and the erasure of materials and information in their memory. A statement from the association read: “Three members of the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran were abducted and detained in a kidnapping-like situation after the second-anniversary rally, and detained until several hours after their cameras were completely erased. “They lived.”



The families of the victims of the flight have warned that the Iranian government must end its repression and intimidation of families who have lost loved ones on the flight and have nothing left to lose.


It should be noted that 18 Jedi was the second anniversary of a Ukrainian Airlines passenger plane crash with the number 752; The aircraft was shot down by two rockets fired by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, killing all 176 passengers, including 13 Afghans. The families of the victims of this flight have repeatedly filed a lawsuit to investigate the case of two IRGC rockets hitting a Ukrainian passenger plane. Still, it has been repressed by the Iranian government.


Earlier, a member of the family of the victims of the flight told 8 am that they could not speak out against the victims of the flight due to the atmosphere of repression and repression. Canada, Sweden, and several other countries have previously demanded compensation and compensation for victims and their families, regardless of their nationality and by international law, but Iran has ignored this.


At the end of the deadline set by the four countries, Canada, Britain, Sweden, and Ukraine, to answer Iran’s questions and ambiguities related to the downing of the Ukrainian plane, the four countries announced in a joint statement on January 16 this year that they have concluded that further efforts to negotiate with Iran are futile. The group will focus on other actions under international law.