Tamna Pariani: The Taliban have come to my house some one help




Kabul has witnessed widespread protests by women’s rights activists in recent days. The protests were sparked by several women human rights activists. Women protesters in Kabul have repeatedly called on the Islamic Emirate to provide women with the right to work, education, and freedom. Chanting anti-Taliban slogans, the women stressed that the Islamic Emirate now wants to remove them from political, social, and economic activities more than ever. These women had asked the Taliban to give them an active part in the body of the Islamic Emirate instead of imposing more restrictions on women. The case provoked many reactions, and the Taliban used every measure to curb such protests and suppress the protesting women. In the most recent case, there were reports that the Islamic Emirate had arrested the organizers of the protests the night before, arresting two female protest leaders and transferring them to an unknown location.


After claiming the arrest of Tenma Pariani, one of the leaders of a recent protest in Kabul, she posted a video on social media asking for help; according to Banu Pariani, several Taliban fighters arrived at their home at around 7:30 p.m. They came and wanted to arrest him. “Please help; my young sisters are at home, the Taliban have come to our house, and they want to arrest me. This group is trying to break down the gate of my house and force it into my house,” she said. To be. ” Lady Fairy often asks for help, but no one is willing to help her.


In another part of the video, released by Bano Pariani, he claims that more than a dozen Taliban fighters are ready to arrest him at his house. In the video released, Taliban fighters ask Ms. Parian to open the gate because they are prepared to talk to her at her home. Still, the rights activist rejects the Taliban fighters’ request to come tomorrow because there are no men in their house, and women are alone in the house. But despite all the pressure, the Taliban fighters manage to arrest him and take him away. Following the release of the video on social media, Taliban intelligence officials issued a newsletter announcing that Ms. Pariani had been released from custody on the orders of the Taliban intelligence minister and that she had been transferred to her home.


According to another report, Islamic Emirate fighters arrested another woman the night before, who was also one of the leaders of the women’s protest in Kabul. According to information received, Taliban intelligence agents reportedly arrested and transferred Ms. Parvaneh Ebrahimi, a protest activist in Kabul, to an unknown location last night. And the fate of these two people is still unknown. But the Taliban Islamic Emirate has claimed in a newsletter that the group’s fighters have not carried out any operations to detain women protesters in Kabul and that women who claim to have been arrested by the Emirate’s fighters are those who want to leave. Make a case for themselves from Afghanistan. The Taliban’s claim has provoked a backlash from several civil society activists.