Tajikistan import contract extended for another year



While Afghanistan is facing electricity shortages, the Taliban-led government is now trying to meet this need by concluding new contracts with countries in the region and meeting customers’ needs. In the latest case, Breshna has announced that it has signed a new contract with the Tajik Electricity Company. Breshna has extended the contract for electricity imported from Tajikistan for another year based on this agreement. According to the newsletter of Breshna’s presidency, this contract has been extended until 2022.

In a newsletter on Monday, the company said that Breshna CEO Hafiz Mohammad Amin, during an official visit to Tajikistan, had signed a contract to import electricity from Tajikistan for another year with Bargh Tajik. Tajikistan’s electricity import contract has been extended for another year under the agreement.

According to a newsletter published by Breshna, the agreement was signed due to two days of negotiations between the two sides. In addition, the deal was postponed from July to December this year due to political developments in Afghanistan. It was said that the Breshna directorate had already asked the Tajik Electricity Company not to cut off its electricity imports to Afghanistan because Afghanistan was witnessing significant changes, and the Breshna directorate is trying to pay all the apparent Tajik Electricity Company to provide the basis for the durability of the contract for imported electricity.
Breshna also stated in the newsletter that during the trip, regional and development projects such as Casa 1000 and the construction of a 500 kV line in the energy sector were discussed between the two sides.

The company hopes that these talks will lead to positive results shortly. The resumption of employment and economic development for the region’s countries will provide more opportunities than before.
On the other hand, Breshna noted that the Afghan delegation emphasized cooperation and assured Tajikistan that Taliban forces were ready to provide security to start suspended projects. Due to the ongoing fighting between the details of the former government and the Taliban, many development projects in the country were stopped. In addition, several countries did not want to resume their development projects due to the lack of proper security in Afghanistan.

With the fall of the previous government, relations between Afghanistan and Tajikistan have soured. This is the first visit of a Taliban-led government delegation to Tajikistan. Still, officials in the Taliban-led government hope that relations between the two neighboring countries will improve again and that joint projects will be resumed.