Suspension of 7,000 projects of the National Program of the Citizen Charter



After the Taliban came to power, most development projects were halted. The projects have been suspended due to a lack of funding or the financial incapacity of the Taliban-led government. Still, in the latest case, the Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate’s government says at least 7,000 National Citizen Charter projects have been stopped.


In the latest case, the Ministry of Finance has announced that the practical work of 7,000 projects of the National Citizen Charter program in the country has been stopped, and efforts to resume these projects have begun. According to senior officials at the ministry, the first round of the National Citizen Charter program had a budget of $ 1 billion, but the project is now completely halted.


“There are about 7,000 unfinished projects left. We are in contact with the World Bank to complete at least these half-finished projects,” Ahmad Wali Haqmal, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, told the media. Meanwhile, some economists say the National Citizen Charter program aimed to boost the local economy, and now that these projects have been halted, poverty and unemployment in rural areas will increase.


“Most of these projects are funded by the World Bank, and with the cessation of rural development projects, poverty in the villages will increase,” said Abdul Nasir Rashtia, an economics expert on the Covenant of Urbanism projects. Some officials of the Citizen Charter Development Councils say that small dam projects, water management, and other infrastructure projects in the provinces are currently suspended.


For ten years, the National Citizen Charter program was drafted in three phases, funded by the World Bank, and was expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The Ministry of Finance says that 12,000 projects were supposed to be implemented through this program in 34 provinces. Still, with the new development, the practical work of this program has been suspended throughout the country.
The report comes as the international community has already frozen all of Afghanistan’s assets in international banks, believing that these projects will not work until the Islamic Emirate changes its approach to the world. It will never resume because the Islamic Emirate is not ready to accept global offers.


One of the critical preconditions for the Taliban in the world is establishing a comprehensive government in the country and respecting women’s rights and human rights in the country and senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the last few days. The United States, in particular, has called for them to return to Afghanistan and work together to strengthen Afghanistan’s economic strength.