Surrender the child left to his family when evacuating Kabul




After August 15, thousands of Afghan citizens flocked to Kabul Airport to escape the current situation and the re-establishment of the Taliban in Afghan political power. Although the US military considered the evacuation process the most challenging in the history of American aviation, it has also had its emotional side, with the separation of family members being a painful experience for Afghan citizens. They experienced the evacuation process on the 15th of August.


According to foreign media reports, the child who went missing during the evacuation program at Kabul airport has been returned to his family. Reuters reported on Sunday that 20 missing children had been reunited with their parents in the United States.


The child is named Soheil and disappeared from his family at Kabul airport on August 19, during the evacuation process. The person who found the child was Hamid Safi, who drives a taxi in Kabul. He took Soheil home with him while he was crying at Kabul airport.


About five months later, he has returned the child to his family. In early November, the boy’s father told Reuters that he had handed Soheil over from the airport wall to a uniformed soldier who he believed was American in a fit of despair. She expected to walk the remaining five meters of the airport entrance and pick up her baby again, but she failed.


According to reports, the child is being handed over to his family. More than 1,000 children have been deported from the United States to Afghanistan without their families’ presence during the evacuation process. There are now dozens of other families who have had similar experiences, with US officials saying efforts are underway to transfer them safely.


After the collapse of the former regime in Kabul, the Americans have had the worst evacuation process. At the same time, reports from US camps in countries such as Qatar, the UAE, and Albania indicate that handling Afghan refugee cases is going very badly. This has left thousands of Afghan citizens in a state of disarray in the US military camps.
Afghan refugees, meanwhile, have called on the United States and other Washington allies to complete the evacuation process as soon as possible and to work with them to determine their fate.