Selling home appliances is the only capital of Afghans to get rid of hunger


For the second time in his life, he has a bitter experience. Alireza, 54, had been given a mediocre life after 20 years of trying, but suddenly, everything turned upside down, and the regime collapsed with Western support. Ali Reza was a regular employee in one of the former government offices. The Taliban have asked him to return to his post, but Alireza must continue to work without asking for a salary.

In the four months since the Taliban came to power for the second time, unemployment has been at an all-time low, with the foreign currency rising against the Afghani, Afghan foreign assets being frozen in international banks, and a lack of regular domestic work. The government has increased social challenges. Ali Reza, who had only the furniture of his house as capital during this period, is no longer able to earn good money and for some time has met the needs of his family.

Alireza told the Sighttimes: “The only expensive device in my house was a TV that I had bought with great difficulty for my family for 12,000 afghanis. Now I have sold this TV for 3,500 afghanis, at a dollar price. “It’s so high; I do not know how much money this day can save my family from poverty and hunger.”

Alireza says he has tried to return to duty, but the Taliban have asked him to wait. “But there is no news of a paycheck or a return to work. I decide to sell, but I do not have the capital, and my living conditions are critical.”
Meanwhile, the World Bank has decided to release $ 280 million of frozen money from Afghanistan to meet economic challenges.


“This decision is the first step in re-utilizing funds from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund and providing humanitarian assistance to the people of this country at a critical time. This fund will enable UNICEF to provide 12.5 million euros,” the statement said. The World Food Program can provide food for 2.7 million people in Afghanistan and provide nutritional assistance to 840,000 mothers and children. To provide. ”