Sarangani: The international community needs to recognize the Islamic Emirate




Although the Taliban have repeatedly called for the world to recognize their government, no positive response has yet been received to the Islamic Emirate. Although the Taliban claim to have met all the preconditions for international recognition, it is now believed that the Taliban will never be recognized until a comprehensive government is formed in Afghanistan. In the latest case, the deputy spokesman for the Taliban prime minister said the world needed to remember Afghanistan.


Enamullah Samangani, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, says that recognizing Afghanistan is necessary for the Islamic Emirate and the world. According to him, non-recognition of the Islamic Emirate will have negative consequences. “Recognition of the Islamic Emirate is not only the need of the Islamic Emirate but of all the international community. Afghanistan is a member of the international community, and it is in everyone’s interest to have formal interactions between Afghanistan and the international community,” he said.


On the other hand, the Russian Foreign Minister has said that recognizing the Islamic Emirate depends on fulfilling Kabul’s commitments to establish a comprehensive government. In an interview with the Tass news agency, the Russian foreign minister said that recognizing the Islamic Emirate depends on fulfilling Kabul’s commitments to establish an inclusive government and fight terrorism. Sergei Lavrov has said that recognizing the Islamic Emirate in the current situation is premature.


“It is too early to discuss the official recognition of the Taliban. In response, we will move gradually and, in coordination with the international community, move to remove the Taliban from the UN Security Council sanctions list until the necessary conditions are met,” he said. “Formally recognize the new government in Afghanistan.” On the other hand, the President of Iran has also emphasized establishing an inclusive government in Afghanistan.
“Inclusive government is one of the needs of Afghanistan’s political community,” said Hekmatullah Mirzadeh, a university professor. “If the Taliban Islamic Emirate decides to rule and maintain its rule, they must pay attention to this important issue.” But Kabul insists it has lived up to its commitments to the international community. The Islamic Emirate says it will focus on Afghanistan’s self-sufficiency and engagement with the world in 2022.