Representatives of 60 countries attended the economic conference on Wednesday




After losing hope of recognition, the Islamic Emirate is now working to address some of Afghanistan’s current challenges with humanitarian assistance. According to reports, the Islamic Emirate of Taliban is currently trying to dominate the current situation by persuading donor countries to Afghanistan. But the apparent non-recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the world is the biggest obstacle to the government of the leader of this group.


The Taliban reportedly set up an economic summit in Kabul the day before to persuade world-renowned countries, including the West, to continue their humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Although the officials of the Islamic Emirate are optimistic about holding this meeting in Kabul and believe that the countries of the world are trying to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan by continuing humanitarian aid, so far, no official commitment from these countries to The Islamic Emirate has not been given, according to reports, 60 countries have once again called on the Taliban to fulfill their obligations.


In the latest case, Inamullah Samangani, the Taliban’s deputy spokesman, wrote: “Representatives from 20 countries participated in the economic conference yesterday, and representatives from 40 countries participated online. “The private sector and banking issues have been discussed to find appropriate solutions to other problems.” An economic conference was held in Afghanistan on Wednesday (29 January), and the Taliban called on the international community to live up to its commitments to Afghanistan. Currently, the increase of poverty, hunger, and economic crisis in Afghanistan are essential issues that have created severe challenges for the government of the head of the Islamic Emirate.


Senior officials of the Islamic Emirate government claim that if the world does not recognize this group, Afghanistan’s economic and political situation will be worse than ever. But the world has once again called on the Islamic Emirate to fulfill its obligations to be recognized by them. Respect for human rights, women’s rights, the right to work, and freedom of the media are among the essential preconditions of the world that have challenged the Taliban. Although the Islamic Emirate believes that it has met all the preconditions for recognition in the world, the countries of the world believe that if the Taliban is recognized at this stage, the group will ignore the current preconditions of the world.