Protesters in Kabul: Unfreeze Afghan assets and recognize Islamic emirates




Kabul witnessed widespread protests today, Sunday, in connection with the release of frozen assets by the United States and the international community, as well as the issue of recognizing the Taliban. The protesters called on the international community to release the Afghan currency as soon as possible. They called on the world and member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as quickly as possible.


Several Kabul residents protested today in response to the freezing of the Afghan currency by the United States and the non-recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community. The protesters call on the international community and countries in the region to recognize the current Afghanistan government and speak out against the release of Afghan money by the United States. “Afghanistan is facing a harsh winter. The protesters want the world to release Afghanistan’s money, which’s money belongs to the Afghan people,” said protester Abu Bakr Hollande.
“People are protesting here to free the Afghan currency. We call on the world to recognize the current government, especially the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” said protester Mohammad Nasim Zawak. Protesters criticize the US freezing of Afghan money, saying that the US will be held accountable to the Afghan people in a possible crisis in the country.


“The purpose of our protest is for the world to recognize and interact with the current government,” said protester Hamidullah. The demonstration ended with the issuance of a 12-article resolution. In this resolution, the protesters listed their demands to the international community. The release of Afghan money and the recognition of the Islamic Emirate are two essential demands of the protesters. “The whole world must recognize the Islamic Emirate and stop its illegitimate demands and interact with the Islamic Emirate.”


Protesters warn that if their demands are not met by the international community and the United States, they will stage mass demonstrations in the capital and other provinces.