Possibility of brain drain from Afghanistan next spring



While a new war threatens Afghanistan, it is now believed that Afghanistan could be plunged into a civil war if the Taliban do not change and an inclusive government is not formed. A case will bring new warnings about the expansion of migration in Afghanistan and the brain drain. It is believed that if the brain drain continues, the crisis will spread further, and Afghanistan will once again witness management challenges. Apparently, after the hasty withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, thousands of Afghan people scientific and trained personnel at all levels have fled the country, the effects of which are more visible in the country than before.


Several figures who have been trained in various parts of Afghanistan are now trying to leave Afghanistan because they believe a country is no longer a safe place for them. The Taliban are trying to get the whole generation trained and experienced. Afghanistan, which has gained a prominent position in the last two decades and is well-known, can no longer serve its people because the Taliban ideologically consider this generation infidels and apostates. If this situation continues, being in Afghanistan will never be acceptable to this generation.


Abdullah is the pseudonym of a human rights activist in Afghanistan who has obtained his master’s degree from the United Kingdom in this field. “There is no hope for Afghanistan to survive after all the infrastructure has reopened,” he told the Times. “Made in this land has been destroyed. Unfortunately, with the flight of brains from Afghanistan, we are witnessing a great humanitarian crisis. Currently, thousands of Afghanistan citizens educated people are living in refugee camps. If the situation does not change, the flood of migration will spread.” “And the brain drain will be more than before.”


Ahmadullah is another figure who has been trained in medicine. He says that with the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan’s political power, it now appears that there is no room for the educated generation who have been sweating and struggling for the past 20 years and that something must be done to survive. “It was tough for us even to imagine that all the achievements of Afghanistan in the last two decades would be ruined at once. Now that the Taliban have regained power and the treatment of civil, humanitarian, and even staff activists What the former regime is doing, it is seen that this land will not be taken from us. The crisis will become more and more prevalent for these people; we need to protect our lives and our families in the current situation, so the only way for us to escape is “This is the country.”


It is believed that the coming spring has sounded the alarm for the Taliban, as the group seeks to strengthen its political power through its violent actions. Still, political analysts warn that the Afghan people are over twenty. They have changed over the past year, and any notion of the perpetuation of tyranny is unacceptable to the people of Afghanistan. Earlier, it was reported that ordinary and middle-class Taliban fighters were trying to identify and arrest figures active in the former Afghan regime. Contrary to the Taliban’s commitments to the world so far, the group has reportedly been trying to impose restrictions on the Afghan people, especially women, whose perpetuation could lead to an early end to the Taliban regime.