One and a half times increase in child malnutrition in Badakhshan




As poverty increases in Afghanistan, international human rights organizations in Afghanistan now claim that the situation of hunger and poverty in Afghanistan has increased more than ever. Health officials in Badakhshan province say the number of malnourished children has increased due to poverty and hunger.


Hamad Javed Mohebbi, head of the Taliban’s public health department’s malnutrition department for Badakhshan province, told 8 Sobh newspaper that the number of malnourished children due to poverty and hunger Badakhshan had increased by one and a half times compared to previous years. Mohebbi added that the leading causes of malnutrition include poverty, food insecurity, low literacy, poor cleanliness, and poor access to health services due to geographical complexity. The head of the malnutrition department of the Badakhshan Public Health Department noted that a total of 1,122 children under the age of five who had been severely malnourished were treated last year.


Meanwhile, Abdul Wadud Ziaei, head of the Kunderberg Institute, which works in the malnutrition sector in Badakhshan, told 8 Sobh: “With the fall of the regime, the situation has become complicated for the people. We work in several sectors, but our main focus is on malnourished children; Of course, children with moderate malnutrition should not be severe and should not be admitted to a provincial hospital. “If the hospital does not accept them, we will treat them,” Ziaee added that the bed and treat 25 children with their feet every fourteen days, which are primarily mothers of children.


“We are treated with a variety of fruits and foods; Such as porridge, milk lactogen, food menu, apples, keel and so on. For fourteen days, our healthcare staff and midwives care for them. We weigh children at the beginning and after treatment to find out how to treat them. “Our food is all-natural, and there will be changes in the baby soon.”
According to Ziaee, the institute has identified more than 700 malnourished children in 20 days. “We try to treat these children step by step, on a rotating basis, and by the list. In addition to children, we also care for pregnant women and malnourished people,” said the head of the Kunderberg Institute.


Shiba, the mother of a child with malnutrition, is from Sarun village, Yaftal district. “She has been suffering from malnutrition for five months. She has been kept in the center for 13 days. She is breastfeeding, cakes, apples, and other fruits and food. My baby’s condition at the beginning,” Sheila told 8Sobh. “It was awful. They kept him in this place, they took him to the doctor, they took medicine, now his condition is much better.” She added that her husband is unemployed, and her living conditions are not good from an economic point of view.