Indonesia sends humanitarian aid to Afghanistan




The Indonesian Foreign Ministry announces the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan. “This humanitarian assistance is in addition to Indonesia’s commitment to humanitarian assistance and development cooperation to the people of Afghanistan.”


According to him, humanitarian aid responds to the dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, where about 23 million people are at risk of starvation, and more than three million children are at risk of malnutrition. The Indonesian official stated that his country has coordinated with several United Nations agencies, especially the World Food Program (WFP), in providing humanitarian assistance.


Mercredi stressed that the aid would be distributed to the Afghan people in cooperation with the WFP under the auspices of the Indonesian delegation in Kabul. Without international support, he said, the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan would worsen and could affect stability throughout the country.


Indonesia’s foreign minister noted that they are preparing long-term assistance in addition to short-term humanitarian assistance, including training and capacity-building assistance, especially for Afghan women. At the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Islamabad meeting, the country stressed the importance of respecting and empowering Afghan women.


The Indonesian Foreign Minister stated that shortly, he would discuss the details of cooperation in education and empowerment of women in Afghanistan with Qatar and representatives from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban group emphasizes that Afghanistan now needs the continued humanitarian assistance of the world and the need for the international community and Islamic countries to continue their humanitarian aid to the Afghan people in support of the Afghan people.


On the other hand, international aid organizations have warned that if the plight of the Afghan people is not taken seriously, poverty and hardship will increase in the country. The dire economic situation in the country has caused dozens of citizens to sell their children to save them from starvation.