I need two more loaves of bread to get home




Cold winter nights and snowfall are pleasant under the house’s roof, and there is good heat in the homes. But on one of the cold winter days, I decided to take a walk. A friend and I had stories about the current situation in Afghanistan. He had heartbreaking stories about Kabul citizens who lived in the worst conditions.


The narration of the situation continued, we slowly reached the ninth district of Kabul. Market Makrorian III, which was once the busiest part of the city, was one of the most enjoyable moments of life, but now, in shaping the bad moments of life, it shapes every human living in Kabul. In front of one of the Macrorian bakeries, we noticed that a 12-year-old child was sitting and waiting for someone to buy him a few loaves of bread.


Suddenly, my companion approached the bakery and asked the child to return home. He said to him: “My son, the weather is cold and it is snowing. Your stay in front of the bakery will not benefit you. Unlike you, the cold weather is vulnerable. You may get sick, and this situation will cause you other difficulties.” The child smiled painfully and said, “Uncle, I need two more loaves of bread to make ten loaves of bread and get enough food for my family tonight.”

“You know, uncle, there are twelve people in our house. If I do not bring them dry bread tonight, they may perish,” the child said to me in a short max. He continued: “My father is very ill, and my mother can not get up. My siblings are small; my grandmother and aunt also live with us.”


This child continued his story, which terrified him greatly and even multiplied his mental anxiety. He added: “They slept in the same cold weather at night without heat and bread, but tonight luck helped me, and I was able to collect a few loaves of bread. Tonight I was thrilled that I received a few loaves of bread, and I hope that “Eating this bread will save my family from death. No matter how hard I tried, I could not think of another way. I just came to the bakery today and saw that people were buying bread for the needy, and they bought me several loaves of bread.”


This painful story brought tears to our eyes; my companion bought him five loaves of bread and kissed him. “My uncle, I was expecting ten loaves of bread, but tonight I will take 13 loaves of bread home. My father will be pleased with this situation, and I hope that “I will be able to help my family survive with this approach.”
The situation in Afghanistan has worsened since the return of the Taliban to power. Unrecognized, one in three children will struggle with poverty and may even fall victim.