Former British Prime Minister: The situation of poor Afghan children is shocking and heartbreaking




Following the collapse of the previous regime and the escalation of the economic crisis and famine in Afghanistan, there are growing concerns about children’s deteriorating situation. In the latest case, the former British prime minister claimed that the position of Afghanistan’s poor children is highly shocking and leads to heartbreaking scenes in an interview with a British media outlet. The former British official called the problem of Afghan children shocking. At the same time, UNICEF or the Child Protection Fund had previously published a report stating that if the situation of Afghan children is not addressed, it is likely that at least one million will be killed this year. Afghan children lose their lives due to malnutrition, a case that has sounded the alarm for child support organizations, which have called on countries worldwide, including the United Nations, to address the situation unconditionally. Take care of Afghan children. Another UNICEF or Child Protection Fund report states that one in three Afghan children is struggling with a malnutrition crisis and that the situation in Afghanistan is shocking.


In the latest case, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has reacted to an ITV report on poverty and famine in Afghanistan, saying the rest of the world can’t ignore the situation in Afghanistan. Mr. Brown called on Britain to set up a conference to raise $ 4.5 billion to help the 22 million people in Afghanistan at risk of starvation. Earlier, Mr. Burun tweeted that he was calling on the world to save the lives of starving Afghans. “The last degree of humiliation is to turn our backs on Afghans in the moments when they are most in need. This will be a disgrace to the free world forever,” Mr. Brunn said. Mr. Brunn added that they had to work with the international community to pay the salaries of doctors and teachers.


In addition, to help Afghanistan’s economy revive. And all these actions should be done as humanitarian efforts in days and hours, not weeks and months. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) wrote in a newsletter on Tuesday (January 28th) that one million children in Afghanistan will die of acute malnutrition this year. UNICEF officials said hospital beds were too crowded. The current


The crisis will wipe out more people than decades of war in Afghanistan, unemployed parents, a collapsing economy, and hungry children. Melanie Galvin, UNICEF’s director of nutrition in Afghanistan, said that “as much as any crisis I have ever seen, the crisis of hunger and child malnutrition in Afghanistan is severe.” He emphasized that UNICEF was witnessing a doubling of severe malnutrition. It thought this was just the beginning and that the situation for Afghan children could worsen this year.