Former Afghan army pilots left behind fear a family setback in Afghanistan




CNN has published a report on the lives of former Afghan Army pilots, in which one of the pilots of the Afghan Air Force, now stationed in the United States, gave an interview in which the Afghan pilots They say they are happy that their lives are safe, but fear that their families in Afghanistan, thousands of miles away from the United States, are under serious threat.


Bilal Kohistani expresses hope that America will make him feel at home. The Afghan Special Air Force pilot has just been transferred from Fort Picket to Chicago, Virginia, where he finds shelter and still has a good roommate.
He has said that he is slowly getting used to what is happening in his life; although he is based in the United States, he is still afraid of being left alone with his family. The Afghan pilot’s wife, four children, two sisters, and mother currently live in the country thousands of miles away from the United States.


“I have started life again from scratch, and I am building a new life. But right now, I have the biggest problem in Afghanistan. Right now, the whole family,” he told CNN. “Our people are in Afghanistan, and they are stuck there.” In October 2021, a particular unit of the Afghan Air Force went to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with several Afghan soldiers to prevent their helicopters from falling into the hands of the Taliban and tried to avoid the formation of a Taliban air unit and equipment. Do not assign to this group.


Meanwhile, several Air Force pilots were evacuated without their families and are now waiting for the United States to evacuate their families. Kohistani asked his family to go to Kabul Airport in August 2021, where, like thousands of Afghan citizens, foreign forces were to work with them and evacuate them from Afghanistan. Bilal Kohistani experienced 3,000 hours of May 17 helicopter flight. The Russian has 200 hours of American Black Hawk helicopter flight to Russia, but foreign partners have not evacuated his family from Afghanistan.


Kohistani said a suicide bomber struck shortly after his family arrived in Kabul airport, killing 13 US troops and dozens of Afghan civilians during the evacuation process in August, one of the most challenging evacuations in the world is counted as hundreds of families were catastrophically separated, and the family crisis hit them. Although the United States is trying to use Afghan companies to facilitate the evacuation of Afghans this time, so far, the United States has been slow to do so, according to reports now that private companies are evacuating Afghans. Donations from Afghanistan need to raise billions of dollars to be raised by US charities.


Several people involved in the evacuation of Afghan citizens say that the evacuation process is currently delayed due to a lack of sufficient funds. This process is proceeding very slowly. Some organizations active in the evacuation process of Afghan citizens say that they are trying to accelerate the evacuation process of Afghan citizens in 2022, and the evacuation process of Afghan citizens will likely become more premature.