Donors agree to transfer 280 million dollars to Afghanistan


Donors from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund have decided to move $ 280 million from the fund to Afghanistan. The agreement was reached yesterday.
The World Bank has announced that donors from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund have agreed to transfer $ 280 million of frozen Afghan assets to help Afghanistan cope with the famine and economic downturn.

The World Bank said in a statement that the money from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund is $ 180 million to the World Food Program to strengthen food security and food security, and another $ 100 million to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). To provide essential health services in Afghanistan.


The World Bank says the money could provide more than 12 million citizens of health care, one million citizens of corona vaccine, and nearly three million Afghans with food.

“This decision is the first step in re-utilizing funds from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund and providing humanitarian assistance to the people of this country at a critical time. This fund will enable UNICEF to provide 12.5 million euros,” the statement said. The World Food Program can provide food for 2.7 million people in Afghanistan and provide nutritional assistance to 840,000 mothers and children. To provide. ”

The money is intended to support food security and health programs in Afghanistan when facing a severe humanitarian and economic crisis that intensified in August this year.

The United States and other donors have cut off financial aid to Afghanistan, and more than $ 9 billion in foreign currency assets have been frozen. On the other hand, the United Nations has warned that nearly 23 million people in Afghanistan (55% of the country’s population) are severely starving, and almost 9 million are at risk of starvation.