Detention of ten people using the atmosphere of the protests in Faryab




Concurrently with the arrest of Makhdoom Alam Rabbani, one of the prominent commanders of the Taliban of Uzbek descent, who was arrested on Wednesday last week in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in Balkh province. The Taliban have set up a protest in Faryab province, demanding the release of the senior Taliban commander in charge of the northern zone. An unnamed source emphasized: “All the Pashton and Uzbek Taliban protested against the arrest of Makhdoom Alam, but some of them, affiliated with the former governor of Faryab province, joined the demonstrators and then used violence to provoke the protests.” “At the moment, the Badri squad of the Islamic Emirate has entered Faryab.


The source added that Makhdoom Alam was involved in the abduction of Abdul Rauf, for which reason he was arrested; Abdul Rauf, a child who was abducted during the previous regime and is still in custody. Another source told the media that ten Marshal Dostum and Fayeq were arrested yesterday. The situation is currently under the control of the Islamic Emirate. Meanwhile, Enamullah Samangani, Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said on the 16th of Jan: ” Makhdoom Mohammad Alam was summoned to Balkh province for questioning by the intelligence and judicial authorities in one case, and the Uzbek Taliban commander is currently being interrogated by Islamic Emirate forces here in Kabul.”


Mr. Samangani added that this is a minor case; according to the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, everyone is accountable for their actions. “Whoever is responsible or irresponsible is held accountable for his actions, this is a principle in the Islamic system, and action against those who are abused is an extreme necessity to ensure justice, so there is no need to worry, said the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.


The arrest of the Taliban commander was the beginning of a spark of protests by Uzbek supporters against the Pashton Taliban. Proponents of this commander started the rally from the “sanai” street of maimana city. Angry protesters and the Uzbek Taliban protested with light and heavy weapons and immediately demanded the release of Makhdoom Alam. This was the first protest against the Taliban by force of people in Afghanistan. The Uzbeks have shown the Pashton Taliban that they respond to northern residents’ “ethnic” treatment with civil demonstrations and even a desire for weapons.