Circulation of procedural money in Afghan markets

Following the increasing economic challenges and lack of job opportunities for Afghan citizens, several capital residents who now trade in Afghan currency emphasize that money circulation in Afghan markets has increased.

Abdul Hadi, one of the vendors, claims that new currencies have not been introduced in the market in the last four months, and the era of procedural money in the country’s markets has seriously damaged their trade. “Much worn-out money is given to us daily by the country’s citizens. We receive the banknotes of one hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, and fifty notes wore out daily,” said Abdul Hadi. “We call on the government to work to resolve this challenge and try to address this challenge by printing new money.”

Mohammad Yassin, a resident of Kabul who came to buy his daily necessities, said that money circulation was troublesome for him. In some cases, he even got involved with the sellers. Mohammad Yassin says: “Worn-out money has increased in the country’s markets. After the fall of the previous regime, the government could not print new money, but I suggest that the Islamic Emirate contract with one of the companies as soon as possible to print. And deliver cash to Afghanistan. ”

Meanwhile, several members of the Sarai shahzada taller Union accused the Central Bank of failing to collect the mentioned banknotes and said they had to make the right decision.

Mohammad Taher Qayyumi, a member of the leadership board of the Sarai shahzada taller Association, said: “When money becomes obsolete or obsolete, they burn it and print new money instead.”

On the other hand, Sayyid Massoud, an expert on economic issues, says: “It can almost be said that it disrupts the trade period, especially the period of large-scale and medium trade, and even the period of monetary exchange, which he cannot convert. ”

Electronic banking is one of the ways to prevent cash transactions and banknotes from becoming worn out, but few people use this method in buying and selling in the country.