At least 100 people were killed in the US state of Kentucky


At least 100 people have been killed in hurricanes and tornadoes in Kentucky and other parts of the southern and western United States, and many homes and buildings have been rebuilt.

The tornadoes caused extensive damage and could escalate, Reuters reported. Andy, the governor of Kentucky, told a news conference after the tornadoes that he had not seen such devastation yet. “I have such devastation for the sake of pain, and it is difficult for me to express it in words,” he said.

The Kentucky administration has made these tornadoes the most devastating tornado in history. He added that a candle factory was also damaged and that 40 of the 110 workers presents had been rescued. Referring to what is said to be left under the rubble, it is the governor of Kentucky who may be lost, and their survival will be a miracle.

On the other hand, Kentucky officials said they had deployed 189 National Guard personnel to help normalize the situation in the affected areas and the relief process. However, the state of Kentucky, which was affected by this natural disaster, wants to reach out to the victims unconditionally.

The state of the United States, due to its climate, annually witnesses severe storms and dangerous hurricanes, which cause severe damage to thousands of American citizens every year. Meanwhile, the American media have reported that all the clinics in the mentioned states are ready as they are, and the shafts of the doctors of these clinics have been increased by twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, rescue teams in Kentucky arrive at the scene and try to rescue the vulnerable as soon as possible. Rescuers say the natural disaster is slow due to the devastation.