An increasing number of respiratory patients in the capital and worsening air pollution


Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is experiencing the worst environmental situation. In the evenings, when the citizens of Kabul return to their homes, they witness the staggering pollution that has plagued them. In the past, environmental agencies affiliated with the Kabul Department of the Environment had tried to curb ecological pollution with well-planned programs. Still, after the new Taliban government took office, plans were being made to reduce pollution. The environment in Kabul has shrunk.

Several Kabul residents say that at least four months after the new Taliban administration took office, the group has not yet been able to find a viable solution to reduce environmental pollution. These citizens call on the Taliban Islamic Emirate to immediately launch new programs to reduce and manage environmental pollution. In the latest case, it is said that the Taliban recently appointed one of its affiliated members as the head of the Kabul Environment Department. Now the citizens of Kabul want to select qualified and specialized people in this field.

Hussein Ali, a resident of Kabul’s fourth district, told the Times that environmental pollution had led to an increase in respiratory illnesses. According to Hussein Ali: “Air pollution has caused a number of my family members to suffer from respiratory diseases. So far, I have taken at least four family members to the doctor, one of whom has been in the hospital for a week. “The Republic of Kabul is hospitalized.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Times website, Abdullah Anwari, an OPD doctor, considers that the increase in the environment is the import of low-quality petroleum products and the lack of standard fuels. “One of the main reasons for the deteriorating environment in Kabul is the use of substandard fuel in vehicles and fuel in homes. With the onset of cold weather and economic weakness, people are inevitably forced to use “Burn inconsistencies, which has led to increased environmental pollution.”

Residents of Kabul are talking about an increase in environmental diseases in Kabul, where the price of quality fuel has now doubled, and citizens cannot afford to buy and use quality fuel.