An Afghan documented his complex migration to Europe


The latest video released by Reuters of refugee camps in eastern France shows the plight of Afghan refugees. Abdul Sabur is an Afghan refugee and photographer who has faced many difficulties in migrating.

With his hand-held camera, he now wants to show the world the plight of Afghan refugees who have struggled to cope with the oppression of the times. “A lot happened on my trip when I was on my way, but there was no one to take pictures and document what was happening,” Abdul Sabur said. “I decided to watch my trip and show the world how hard it is when you leave home.”

The wave of asylum of the number of Afghans to European countries has increased since the previous regime collapsed, and the lack of work, poverty, and economy affected the country’s people. “All people are in poverty,” said Mohammad Azam, a resident of Kabul. “When we see people fleeing, everyone wants to go out, and there is no work here. There is no time. Everyone is thinking about work, but there is no work.”

Kabul resident Eid Mohammad says: “People can not find their bread; they have no power. “The Islamic Emirate must support the people.” At the same time, the Islamic Emirate requires citizens to stay in the country and not to emigrate.

Mohammad Arsalan Khoroti, Deputy Minister of Refugees, said: “The Islamic Emirate asks the people to stay in the country and the dignity and life provided in the homeland to other countries. These conditions are not in danger. “And many European properties in the camps are in a bad state, and that’s unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, 15 EU member states have recently agreed to accept another 40,000 Afghan refugees for resettlement.