Amir Khan Mottaqi meets with Ahmad Massoud in Iran




Following the visit of the acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Taliban, Amir Khan Mottaqi now claims that he had a meeting with the leadership of the Second Resistance in Tehran. The acting Taliban’s foreign minister stressed that the two sides had discussed various issues during the session and noted that the Taliban were ready to provide the entire leadership of the Resistance Front with security in Afghanistan. Still, some sources on the front reject this claim and emphasize that this meeting has ended in vain.



At the height of tensions and escalating guerrilla attacks on Taliban forces in Panjshir, it is now reported that the acting Taliban foreign minister met with the leadership of the Resistance Front. Upon his return to the country, Taliban-acting foreign minister Amir Khan Mottaqi announced that he had completed with Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the Resistance Front, and Amir Ismail Khan, a former jihadi commander and one of Herat’s most influential figures in Tehran.



Amir Khan Mottaqi said: “We have met with other citizens in Tehran, especially Ahmad Massoud and Commander Ismail Khan. In this meeting, we have assured all parties that the Islamic Emirate will provide them with a safe return and “There is no threat to them. We have also told them that Afghanistan is everyone’s common home and that by returning to their country, they can live a dignified life in their own country, and we will never look for another excuse.”



On the other hand, Abdul Hafiz Mansour, a member of the Second Resistance Front, confirmed his meeting with the Taliban on his Facebook page but did not share any information regarding what was discussed at the intersection between the two sides. Mr. Mansour wrote on his Facebook page: “The delegation of the National Resistance Front headed by Mohammad Ismail Khan met with the Taliban delegation in Tehran. Amir Khan Mottaqi headed the Taliban delegation.”



Earlier, a spokesman for the Resistance Front had denied that senior Resistance Front leaders had met with the Taliban foreign minister. In addition, the meeting was severely criticized by several political activists and writers. Sources within the Resistance Front reportedly told the Times website that the group was fully prepared to face the Taliban. On the other hand, some other sources have said that the Taliban met again with the leadership of the Second Resistance, but these meetings ended in vain.