Afghanistan on the verge of human rights collapse




In recent weeks, Afghanistan has witnessed a wave of widespread women’s protests. Most of these protests took place in Kabul. As the Taliban put up political and military pressure on women and protesters, they are trying to raise their voices so that the international community can understand the current crisis in Afghanistan. In the latest case, the peaceful protest of women in the capital by the Taliban turned violent, an issue now facing solid global reactions. After selecting the US Special Representative for Women, it is expected that Recognition of the Taliban Islamic Emirate should be suspended.


In recent weeks, the Taliban have sought unprecedented revenge against the security forces of the previous regime, in clear violation of their human rights obligations, contrary to warnings from the group’s leadership. In addition, there are reports that the Islamic Emirate is currently trying to provide worldwide humanitarian assistance to its fighters, which has led to growing dissatisfaction with the Taliban. In the current situation, it is believed that the human rights situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. The Taliban are trying to perpetuate their power to terrorize the people more than ever by perpetuating violence.


Several women rights activists who took part in the recent protests in Kabul, speaking on anonymity, told News that the Taliban were now trying to ban the women’s marches from identifying them. Accelerate the world community. “On the day of the peaceful women’s protest, the Taliban warned all participants to leave the area as soon as possible, but the protesters listened to them,” one of the protesters, who did not want to be named, told the Times. “In retaliation, Taliban fighters opened fire on women without any justification and severely beat several protesters.”


The activists claim that the group’s leadership had ordered the Taliban to arrest the protesting women if they resisted and then transfer them to the security forces. They would write threatening statements promising to stop the women. The roads of Kabul do not come together and do not protest. These human rights activists and women warn that global silence in the face of the Taliban’s current terror will only exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and allow the Taliban to escalate their violence against the Afghan people further.


Earlier, the Taliban had issued a letter asking drivers not to allow women to ride alone in their vehicles. In Taliban propaganda tapes, the group’s fighters urge drivers to grow beards and not let women in ill-fitting clothing get into their cars, as the watchdog believes. Afghanistan’s human rights The continuation of this situation means the imprisonment of women in their homes.


Citizens of Afghanistan now believe that with each passing day, the true face of the Taliban is exposed. They fear that if the world recognizes the Taliban, its violence will continue to increase to maintain its political power. Will find. These country citizens emphasize that the world must act more than ever and not allow the Taliban to continue their hostile attitudes towards Afghan citizens.