Afghanistan on the verge of collapse of infrastructure




The justification of the rule of the Islamic Emirate and the efforts to maintain the current regime are among the key issues that seem to have made the world think. Because the Taliban, contrary to their commitments to the world, are in a position to defend their beliefs. Instead of getting out of the current crisis, the group is trying to use the only effective tool in the country to maintain itself. Undoubtedly, one of these tools for the Taliban are to use pressure and restrictions in various sectors and different sections of society. This approach is the only way to keep the Taliban in the community, and contrary to beliefs, the rule of this group makes it more vital than ever. With such an approach and the persistence of the Taliban’s disintegration, the country’s social fabric has been shattered, poverty has spread more than ever, and Afghanistan’s economic system is collapsing.


The Taliban are believed to be launching widespread propaganda and demagogic approaches to convince the Afghan community that their 20-year effort has been extremely shaky. Currently, the Taliban are trying to find a way to survive by imposing restrictions on women activities, restricting the free media activities in the country, restricting travel, and even the personal affairs of citizens. On the one hand, they can strengthen their authority, On the other hand, this group will do more reconstruction work than ever before instead of supporting Afghanistan’s foundations and infrastructural structures. While the Taliban are currently under unprecedented global pressure, with the group’s current approach, the process of recognizing the Taliban have been suspended for less than five months. Experts believe that one of the reasons for the non-recognition of the Islamic Emirate is the persistence of the superstructure approaches of this group.


Afghanistan is currently experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis, the Islamic Emirate of Taliban is unable even to pay the monthly salaries of its employees, and several government employees claim that they have received a warning from the Taliban that if they do not want to, they work without pay, so they can leave. All government employees now claim that the non-payment of wages have resulted in most government employees staging mass protests and even warning of sit-ins. The apparent inability of the Islamic Emirate to pay the salaries of the regime’s employees has caused the level of dissatisfaction with the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate to increase even more and, in another dimension, several government employees to resign. At the same time, there are reports that thousands of former regime employees have been smuggled to neighboring countries due to dissatisfaction with the Taliban and the lack of job opportunities.


Economists now believe that the Taliban are on the verge of collapsing economic and social infrastructure, perpetuating an authoritarian approach and disobeying global demands. It is thought that the aggressive and mono-ethnic methods of the Taliban have led to the entrustment of all government structures to those who have not even received proper arithmetic training, which will help perpetuate the current crisis and further collapse of Afghanistan’s infrastructure.