Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries for Christians




According to the latest World Open Door Watch report, Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world for Christians. This ranking was published for the first time after the Taliban. According to World Watch Doors, Afghanistan is in the top 50 countries with the worst persecution of Christians in 2022. Afghanistan has replaced North Korea as the most dangerous place for Christians, the World Open Doors Observer reported Thursday. North Korea topped the list of locations hazardous to Christians for 20 years, the report said; But with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, the country ranks first.


The organization warns that Christians who remain in Afghanistan are known as “war booty” for the Taliban. Open Door Watch has stated that the Taliban go from house to house to find Christians. Once tracked, they are identified and then killed. According to the human rights group, many of Afghanistan’s small and hidden Christian populations have now fled to rural areas or refugee camps in neighboring countries. Still, many of these countries are also hostile to Christians. “Afghanistan’s being at the top of the World Watch list is deeply worrying,” said Henrietta Blyth, chief executive of the British-Irish Open Doors.


Afghanistan is at the top of the list, North Korea is second, Somalia is third, Libya and Yemen are fourth and fifth, and Malaysia is 50th most dangerous for Christians. Christianity in Afghanistan has a small following, most of whom have fled Afghanistan due to decades of war. The report comes as the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate gained political power in Afghanistan for the second time at least five months ago. According to reports, since the re-establishment of the Taliban, Afghan citizens have faced unprecedented difficulties in all aspects of life. Murder, imprisonment, and detention are serious issues facing Afghans.