Afghanistan does not have new corona detection kits




As the world prepares for a new wave of coronavirus crisis, in the most recent case, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health has announced that it does not have diagnostic kits for the new type of corona or “omicron,” which could lead to an increase. Most of the virus will be among the citizens of the country.


Despite concerns about the rapid spread of the new Omicron corona species worldwide, Afghanistan does not yet have the kits to detect the virus. Little has been done to fight the virus in Afghanistan, such as the Afghan-Japanese Hospital. There are few medical equipments from covid-19 special treatment centers.
Zalmai Rashtin, director of the Afghan-Japanese Hospital, said: “There are many problems, medicine is scarce in our hospital, equipment for patients is low, oxygen balloons are being emptied, and our staff has not been paid for several months. ” Omicron is a mutated coronavirus species first identified in South Africa and has spread to many western countries. Although the virus has spread to some of Afghanistan’s neighbors, Afghanistan does not yet have diagnostic kits.


But the Ministry of Public Health says it has asked the World Health Organization to provide new diagnostic kits for the corona or omicron virus. Javed Hajir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, said: “We had the World Health Organization, they promised to give us these devices by the end of January.”


Meanwhile, some doctors are concerned that Afghanistan’s political and economic challenges are overshadowing the fight against the coronavirus in the country. They warn that the recklessness in preventing the corona will cause many citizens to be infected with the disease. Ahmad Jawad Fardin, an internal medicine specialist, said: “The political and economic problems in Afghanistan have overshadowed the issues related to the corona and there is not much attention in the corona sector in the country, and this is why “If we go with the new wave of coronavirus” Omicron, “disaster will happen.”


While the new species of the corona, “omicron,” has become the most significant health concern in many countries, the people of Afghanistan are thinking of finding a loaf of bread rather than a corona. So far, about one hundred and sixty thousand coronavirus cases have been registered in Afghanistan, of which more than seven thousand and three hundred have died from coronavirus.