A New Zealand citizen who became the senior spokesman for the Taliban


The appointment of highly trained figures and lesser-known speakers by the Taliban was a question that has intrigued people for the past four months. Some of the key figures in the new Taliban emirate are well-educated and highly eloquent. One of these figures is the Taliban Foreign Ministry spokesman. Abdul Qahar Balkhi is the new Foreign Ministry spokesman appointed by the Taliban, and he has an extraordinary ability to speak.

According to multiple sources, the New Zealand Staff News Agency reported, the Taliban spokesman is a former New Zealand citizen who previously lived in Hamilton, New Zealand. This spokesman of the Islamic Emirate introduces himself as Abdul Qahar Balkhi. Balkh, based in Kabul, is the most prominent figure in the Taliban these days due to his interviews with the international media and his eloquence in English, who has become a central figure in the Taliban regime.

New Zealand Staff News quotes several sources saying that he immigrated to New Zealand with his family years ago. Like Balkhi, two of his brothers reportedly live outside New Zealand, but his parents and other siblings are in Hamilton. The news site wrote that there was no suggestion that Balkhi or his close family members were involved in illegal activities. In Hamilton, members of the Afghan community described the family as devout Muslims who are educated and tolerant.

According to a report published by Staff News, Balkhi’s father, who currently lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, has confirmed that he has a son named Balkhi. He said the boy was currently living in Kabul and was “looking for a job.” This news has also been refrained from.

“I’m sorry I cannot speak. I do not intend to say anything to the media about this. I hope you will accept my apology for this. I hate politics,” he said. Attempts to speak with Taliban spokesman Balkhi were unsuccessful. Staff News also claimed that by sending such a message to the number assigned to Mr. Balkhi, it could not prove the truth or falsity of this issue.

But a reply sent to the staff by one of Mr. Balkhi’s colleagues reads: “No, Mr. Balkhi does not have any New Zealand or foreign passports, and he does not want any information about his private life or that of his family. To partner. ” However, a man whom Stoff News considers Balkhi’s father has declined to provide further details – but the news site emphasizes that the man lives in Hamilton and is a New Zealand citizen, the man told Staff. “My son is a New Zealand citizen in Kabul and has a New Zealand passport
The person who sent the messages over Balkhi’s phone declined to say whether Balkhi had ever traveled to New Zealand or resided in New Zealand. Numerous sources state that Balkhi and one of his brothers left New Zealand a few years ago and traveled to Pakistan. “Public information indicates that the two brothers will remain in Pakistan, although they do not appear to be directly contacting the Taliban.”

“Balkhi himself does not appear to have spoken openly about his relationship with New Zealand, but he did appear in a television interview from New Zealand in August to donate $ 3 million to aid groups working in Afghanistan,” Staff said. A New Zealand government spokesman said that New Zealand-based media reports indicate that a senior member of the Taliban is a New Zealand citizen.

The New Zealand government official said that providing more details could harm the country’s national security and that there was no time for further comment. The remarks come as the Taliban are recognized in New Zealand as a terrorist group and are currently under UN sanctions.