80 ISIS-K fighters joined Islamic Emirate in Nangarhar


ISIS-K, a group considered a severe threat to the Islamic Emirate, has now embraced the Islamic Emirate. In the latest case, reports from Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan indicate that a group of ISIS-K affiliated fighters from the Khorasan branch have joined the forces of the Emirate and have given up fighting in Nangarhar’s east Afghanistan.

The Nangarhar Media Center reported today (Sunday, December 12) that at least 80 ISIS-K-affiliated fighters from the Khorasan branch in eastern Afghanistan have joined the Islamic Emirate. Officials at the Islamic Emirate in the country’s east say the men have joined the Islamic Emirate by encouraging tribal elders. Officials also noted that the ISIS-K fighters had joined the Islamic Emirate, and the Taliban have given them an amnesty order and that the soldiers had been pardoned.

Dr. Bashir, the head of national security at the Islamic Emirate in Nangarhar, told the media that the ISIS-K fighters had joined the Islamic Emirate conditionally. The surrendered soldiers were residents of ten districts in Nangarhar. The Nangarhar Media Center also tweeted that the Islamic Emirate has offered them everyday life, and they have expressed regret over their actions against the Islamic Emirate and promised that from now on, they would work closely with the Islamic Emirate forces. They would help the emirate forces to secure their areas.

Meanwhile, local elders in eastern Afghanistan have announced after the surrender of ISIS-K fighters to the Islamic Emirate. If these fighters join the group again, their homes will be set on fire, and their relatives will be forced to leave Afghanistan. Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan is reportedly considered the largest stronghold of ISIS-K fighters.

Experts believe that if ISIS-K is a threat to Afghanistan security and if the Taliban did not fight them in the winter of this year, it may become the biggest threat to the survival of the Islamic Emirate next spring. The scale of the war may escalate. On the other hand, the officials of the Islamic Emirate emphasize that ISIS-K has no physical presence in Afghanistan, and the Islamic Emirate is trying to eliminate the potential threat of this group as soon as possible.